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No. 2

NoBody Greater

This morning I woke up with the song "Nobody Greater," by Vashawn Mitchell on my mind. The lyrics go a little like this:

 Searched all over, couldn't find nobody
I looked high and low, still couldn't find nobody
Nobody greater, nobody greater
Nobody greater than you


It took me until this evening to go a little deeper with those two words. I was driving in my car, thinking about the recent passing of my Dad, and how next week we will lay him to rest...once and for all. Everytime i think about this, i'm just so perplexed. Like, how could the strongest, most invincble, Mr. Fruits and Vegetables...die. Like, don't get me wrong, I/We know people die, but not my Dad. He had so much will to live. This entire experience is causing me to rethink Life and God's sovereignty and His promise to be with us always, even until the end of the age. God is all knowing ,all caring, really , He's our all In All. I experienced that first hand when we viewed my Dad's body before leaving Las Vegas, where he retired. My Pastor(Carlos Collins), spoke a Word over my Dad that I will never forget. He said "L," I believe the Lord met your Dad right where He was. In all my years of trying to "Save Him,' so to speak...Scolding him to repent, do better and believe....nothing was a match for God meeting my Dad right at his point of need, when he needed God the most.

Dad was alone, when they found him in his house in early December 2022. He was found under a conforter, looking like he was sleeping peacefully is what I was told. Dad was by himself at the time, but not alone...God was there. I guess had to learn, no matter what everything comes subject to what's greater than them...and in the end...nobody or no thing will ever better greater than God.


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