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He Moves With Us

'God Moves With Us' is what I told Chris during one of our late-night pillow talks. The reason this came up is because we started talking about some of the decisions and changes that will be coming our way this year(2023). One of which is Chris' deployment. By the way, Happy New Year, and welcome to my new blog, Mondays, where I'll be writing about what life is like Faithwalking with God on a daily basis. It's called Mondays, because after you hear a good word on Sunday...Monday is essentially when the real ministry begins. Really, it begins the moment you hear that Word...but you get what I'm saying. Anyway, back to Chris and his deployment. This year, Chris will be leaving for a year-long deployment...starting in June. ONE FULLLLLL YEAR! You already know these Mondays blogs are about to get real good, make sure you Subscribe. Anyway, back to the talk. So, one of the struggles in our marriage has been Chris' sometimes inability to make decisions. It frustrates me when you go back and forth about an issue, instead of just a making a choice and letting the chips fall where they may. I'm so proud of Chris making the decision to go forward with the deployment. Sure, I'll miss him, we will miss him(Me & Peek), but at least he made the decision to do it. During our talk, I was encouraging Chris and reminding him that throughout our 8-years of marriage, no matter what decisions we have made, God has constantly been with us through it all. Even when some of the outcomes were not quite like we expected, God was with us. And it was at that moment...when I said God was with us, that I then screamed, Chris...God Moves With Us!!! That's it...That's post LOL! Faithwalking is not necessarily about knowing if a decision you make is going to be the best one. Faithwalking is making the decision, moving on it and knowing God will be right there with you to lead and guide you every step of the way. God is well able to auto-correct, re-route, or change our course to ensure we get where we are supposed to be. You can trust that! So, as we all prepare to make moves in this new year, new season of our lives...just know, with every move you make, God is moving with you! That's it...that's the Faith we need for 2023. When we move, He moves...just like that(in my Ludacris voice Lol). Talk to you soon, L.


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