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New Mission: Virtual Reality

By: L.Michelle Salvant

This week was a really cool week! It's always amazing when you get to share how the Lord is using New Mediums to influence the world. I got a chance to serve as a guest on the Visual Story Network and talk about my Virtual Reality experience and using it to cause impact in the area of Christian Faith. I talked about how I saw these days as the "Life" era, where personal experiences told in VR could be really compelling ways to show visitors how you "Live What You Believe!" I was joined by another really compelling guest, Jay Kranda, who oversees the Online/ Social Media Ministry at Saddleback Church. God is using every resource available to reach His people. I'm so glad to be involved! To watch the entire webinar (Click Here).

PS....Thank you Clyde Taber & Adam for the invite! You Rock!

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