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    Journaling "The Life" As It's Happening

    Dear Armorbearer Vol. 1:

    Servant Leader Journal Series

    Dear Armorbearer: Vol. 1
    is a personal ministry journal compiled by L.Michelle Salvant. The journal features 7-key principles L.Michelle learned while serving as an Armorbearer to Dr. Nicky E. Collins. Subscribe and Journal with L. as she continues the journey compiling Vol. 2..."Learning to Lead!"


    Multi-Year Immersive Journaling, Soul-Healing Experience

    The 2020 Life Film started in December 2018 with a single director on a mission to document Life primarily through Smartglasses. Since it's inception the film has grown into a 10-year(2019 -2029) Immersive Docu-journal series, using Emerging Media to capture the years and reveal personal Life lessons for all those who participate.



    Audio Journal Series

    40 Year Old Black Woman

    Personal Audio Journal featuring raw, uncut, voice excerpts from Black Women in their 40's. Series Based on L.Michelle Salvant's 2020 Life Film Immersive Journaling series, which shows the Life experiences of a Black Woman filmed through Smartglasses. The series follows Life for a decade,

    and explores topics including Race, Childhood Trauma, Faith, Health, Leadership. All rights reserved.



    Trauma Healing Journaling 

    For Teens

    #LoveHeals Series

    Special Journal series for young people who have experienced trauma. Audio, Art, and Interactive journaling exercises are used along with Certified Trauma Healing curriculum provided by the American Bible Institute.

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