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    L.Michelle Salvant |Jesus Christ's Publicist | John 14:6

    There is a Lifestyle, a Faith Lifestyle, that has become a reality for me since February of 2004. I was introduced to it by chance I thought, but by Divine purpose I would later see, with the very "Stories of Faith" column I was writing at the time basically prophesying to me. For the journey, God assigned Nicky Collins to be my guide, and me, her Armorbearer. We are close in age, connected by culture, and driven by the same passion to know God more fully. Her gift has always been prophetic...and I guess, mine too, although sometimes I need a little help with my God-response time, (I hear the call, but can be slow to answer). Anyway, one thing I'm never slow to answer are questions about God. Why? Because, I Know GOD IS REAL! It's a Belief that I was introduced to as a child, but it would be my experiences as an adult, that would bring the God reality into FULL VIEW! GOD IS REAL! This realness is something that if you look at your Life close enough, you will see it all around you. It's like being tuned in to a radio station that's always on, if you're listening. So, I wanted to create a space for this God-existence, this Jesus Christ Publicity, these visuals of Him in everyday Life and these personal encounters with Him. A space where we are not just following the Move of God, we are presenting the presence of God with us, living and breathing through us, through all of our encounters on a daily basis. This is that space. A space for Jesus Christ Publicity. Today, I say yes to the call to do this...AGAIN. Yes to the Faith Life and Making Christ Famous. Yes! Thank you Lord in advance, for giving me the strength to carry it all the way through this time. And, thank you Lord for the many others who will come, contribute to this space, and carry on "The Life" as well. I'm excited!!! ~ L.Michelle Salvant, Jesus Christ's Publicist. October 22, 2022 (6:28 EST, Tallahassee, FL)

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    Jesus Christ In Everyday Life

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    Saved...Now What?! - 2Cor. 5:15

    The Saved Now What Campaign is designed to reach 18-25 year olds with a message of Faith, Purpose & Action. The campaign began on February 20, 2016. The mission is to encourage younger generations to "Live" a "Lifestyle of Faith" and put God's plans for their lives into action. #SavedNowWhat #Livewhatyoubelieve

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    Making Christ Famous - Rev. 12:11

    Mentoring/Training Sessions For Youth and Young Adults who desire to express their Faith through Media, Art, Creativity, Fashion, Music, Spoken Word, or Simply In Other Everyday Unique Ways! (Program Is hybrid) (Ongoing Contributors to JCP's Visual Blog)

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    2020 Life Film - Matthew 4:23

    This unique approach to healing involves using smartglasses to reveal the healing we need by looking at life through our own eyes. The 10-year project(2019-2029) centers around trauma healing, which focuses on healing wounds of the heart( the ones we cannot see)

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    Love Heals - Psalm 147:3

    Trauma Healing Group For Teenage GirlS. The Mission Of The Group Is To Come Alongside Each Young Lady In Their Individual Healing Journey And Provide Support To Help Them Live Whole & Healthy Lives Beyond The Trauma They've Experienced.